Massage Modalities

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Sports Massage

Sports massage consists of a series of maneuvers that are carried out as a method of preparation for the tissues, as well as the treatment of post-competition fabrics, and for the control of the tissues between each sporting activity.

Objective of Sports Massage

  • Optimize muscle performance

  • Prevent injuries

  • Find injuries

  • Support in the treatment of injuries

  • Fight against fatigue

  • Increase the ability to work

This specific type of massage, works by activating the circulation of fluids, accelerating the elimination of waste, toxins and other waste materials, as well as increasing the oxygenation of the muscle.

The moment in which the massage is performed, is very important, since it favors concentration, introspection and the emotion of the athlete toward the competition. The athlete requires that his body is at maximum, to opt for victory in a sporting activity.

The Sports Massage, is very useful in order to achieve (apart from the therapeutic effect), the contribution of confidence and security, that every athlete needs to win a competition.

For this to happen, the massage should be done by a professional in the science of Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Massage.

Stages of sports massage

Preparatory / pre competitive

  • It is done between 6- 24 hours or 15 minutes before the activity.

  • It uses techniques of: Rubbing and Friction.

  • It is fast and strong

  • It lasts 5 minutes in each zone.

Recovery / post competitive

  • It is done in the first 30 minutes after the activity or in the lapse of the following 6 hours.

  • It uses techniques of: Vibration, percussion, scratching, pinching, shaking.

  • It lasts around 10 minutes


  • It is used for diagnosis and treatment.

  • It must be carried out at least once a week.

  • It uses techniques of: Kneading, palpation and friction.

Effects of sports massage

Preparatory massage

  • Increased muscle wakefulness

  • Increased circulation

  • Increased muscle temperature

  • Increases elasticity

  • Eliminates myalgia and areas of peripheral muscle adhesion.

Recovery massage

  • Acts in hypertonic muscles, fatigued muscles and full of catabolites.

  • Blood supply

  • Decreases contractures

  • Facilitates the elimination of waste.

Maintenance Massage

  • Maintains elasticity

  • Diagnose trigger points and myalgia

  • Eliminates muscle fatigue

  • Maintains muscle tropism