Massage Modalities



As the word says, Reflexology is based on the beneficial use of reflexes produced by massage.

These constitutes an organic response, which takes place in a remote area, sometimes very distant, from that which was stimulated.

This is due to the fact that these points of the feet constitute nervous and energetic channels that connect these points of the feet with all the parts of our body; Therefore, by massaging them in a specific way, the work of glands, organs and muscles is stimulated.

The stimuli performed by the therapists are applied through the thumb and forefinger and is conducted through nerve and energy channels housed inside our body, which cause the desired effect.

Reflexology serves, therefore, to treat and prevent disorders or diseases; but, also, to provide wellbeing and relaxation.

The sessions have a duration that can range between 40 and 50 minutes. The maximum time that is recommended for reflexology stimulation in each foot is 20 minutes, according to the patient's sensitivity and evolution.

The ideal frequency, to perform this therapy, is 2 sessions per week or 1 session per week, at least to start.