Massage Modalities

Assisted Strech Massage

Assisted Stretch

The Assisted Stretch is the hero of exercise that keeps your muscles flexible, free of injury and helps you feel young. When combined with regular massage, these two activities support your postworkout body, to release accumulations of lactic acid, which can cause muscle pain and release any tension that is accentuating in your muscles.

Prevention of pain and injuries

  • Stretching not only helps prevent injuries, it • can also help control pain.

  • Stretching prevents injury, by increasing your range of muscle movement, while muscles are already heated through exercise. Once the muscles are warm, they are less likely to break or cause a major injury.

  • Stretching and Regular Massage, can help reduce the severity of post-workout pain and stiffness, which can appear 24 to 48 hours after intense training.

  • With the help of one of our professionals, Assisted stretching, accompanied by Massage, can help to increase flexibility in the muscles, fascia, connective tissue and joints.

  • It keeps the muscles supple and flexible, which is very important throughout life, but especially as your body ages. The muscle and joints have a tendency to grow rigid and inflexible with age, so the implementation of a regular stretch can really help relieve muscle stiffness, accompanied by different massage techniques.