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Massage on the job

Angel's Duplex W

Combined service of chair massage with a vibrating platform.

Chair Massages

Express massage paying special attention to the parts of the body that are most tense due to hard work: the back, shoulders, neck and arms.

Vibrating Platform

Short exercises, ranging from 10 to 15 minutes, on top of a vibrating platform. The position may vary, depending on the region of the body that you want to emphasize. Stimulates the immune, neuromuscular and vascular system as well as increases the density of bone tissues.

  • Personal health

  • Saves money from future medical expenses

  • Improves quality of work and productivity

  • Increments personal motivation

  • Reduces stress

  • Diminishes muscular tension and pain

  • Relieves headaches

  • Increases concentration and mental clarity

  • Increases energy and improves circulation

  • Keeps blood pressure low

  • Increases immune function

  • Effectively treats carpal tunnel and tendinitis

  • Speeds up metabolism

Benefits for the company

  • Better group and individual productivity.

Reduction of labor costs associated

  • Low unwanted rotation, due to the decrease of productivity because of illness or accidents.

  • Reduction of injuries due to repeated effort. (Preventing carpal tunnel for personal life and for the company, it could save you a lot of money).

  • Reduction of absences.

Reduction of medical bill costs

  • You'll have less sick workers and less compensation for those workers, which will save money.

  • Reduction of money spent in surgery or medicines, in proportion to the services of preventive therapy.

Considerable increase of the corporate image

  • Improves the working environment, improves the employee's perception towards his/her job.

  • Makes your company a good place to work in.

  • Creates a carefree job that attracts the best talents.

  • Reduces risk of illnesses related to stress.

  • Improves the employee's sense of belonging at their job.