In Harmony with your body

In Harmony with your body

Are you worried about excess weight? Are you stressed? Or have you noticed you are growing old too quickly? Don't wait any longer and participate in our New Program: "IN HARMONY WITH YOUR BODY", we work along with you to solve those problems.

What is this program about?

  • Diagnose the current physical state (weight, height, blood pressure, and height correspondence weight and eating habits.

  • Establish a work out regime along with a nutrition plan.

  • Determine the client's goals that can be achieved with the help of the program.

  • Set a schedule, frequency of workouts and place where workouts will take place.

  • Periodically execute and evaluate training plan as well as the completion of the set goals.

Weight loss

Personalized workouts that focus on stamina and muscle toning.


Provides advice that satisfies the nutritional needs and energy of the client.

Stress reduction

  • The practice of physical exercise and athletic discipline.

  • Improve eating and sleeping habits.

  • Maintaining proper hydration.

  • Receiving at least two stress reducing massages a month.

Aging Delay

Achievable through weight loss and stress reduction.