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We are leaders in health care. We combine the best of physical therapy with the benefits of massage. Resulting in a product designed for our patients and focused on the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries, pain management, sports recovery and reduction of stress levels.

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About Angel Massage Solutions

We are a team of professional therapists who guarantee a unique and beneficial experience for your health. We offer exclusive services of massages, physical therapies and personalized exercise

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  • Preventive Medicine

  • Sport Recovery

  • Pain Management

  • Stress Control

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Angel Valle

Licensed in therapeutic massage and sport recovery


(786) 286-4475

1840 Coral Way #101 Miami, FL 33145
United States

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Angel es un gran profesional; En lo personal me ha ayudado a recuperarme de muchas lesiones y a estar en forma para todas las actividades deportivas que realizo. Su preocupación y enfoque personalizado hace que uno sienta un trabajo preparado y metódico, esto es muy difícil de encontrar hoy en dia.

Jorge Escobar

Angel is professional massage therapist with a high sens of respect to his patients. He listens and is very talented diagnostic therapist. His alternative medical treatments are just amazing and definitely a long term preventive and healthy médecine.

Laura Fargeot

Angel is an amazing therapist. He has helped me many times to bring me back to health. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent therapist. Hands down one of the best. Thank you Angel for the beautiful, professional, caring work that you do.

Raquel Amoldoni


Top tips for your health

Benefits of Healthy Eating

  • Minimize the Risk of Disease

  • Lower High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressurease

  • Keep your Heart Healthy

  • Weight Control

  • Increased Energy

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Angel Valle


Benefits of Practice Sport

  • Maintaining lower body weight

  • Keeping heart diseases at bay

  • Provides suppleness to the body

  • Increase Stamina

  • Promotes self confidence

  • Converts Adrenaline into energy

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Angel Valle


Benefits of Massage

  • Reduced pain and stiffness

  • Reduced inflammation and swelling

  • Stress management

  • Increased lymph circulation

  • Better breathing

  • Improved blood circulation and blood pressure

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Angel Valle


Benefits of Sleep Well

  • Poor Sleep Can Make You Fat

  • Good Sleepers Tend to Eat Fewer Calories

  • Good Sleep Can Improve Concentration and Productivity

  • Good Sleep Can Maximize Athletic Performance

  • Sleep Improves Your Immune Function

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Angel Valle



Frequently asked questions

Angel Massage Solutions is not a spa, it is a center dedicated to medical massage and physical therapy. In which elements of traditional medicine such as massage are combined with physical therapy techniques.
Our daily tasks such as work, home or caring for our children, make our stress levels high bringing negative repercussions for our physical and mental health. A minimum weekly visit would be recommended to keep our health in balance.
Therapeutic massage is an effective and natural alternative pain management to the growing epidemic by the use of analgesic opioids, which create addiction and secondary health problems in the short and medium term.